Sunday, October 9, 2011

Almost 2 Months!

LB will be 2 months next Saturday. I can't believe how fast time is flying. I figured I would finally update since all I have put recently is a couple of tickers. The last 2 months have been the most difficult and also the most rewarding months of my life.

Hubby finally went back to work a couple weeks ago, so 3 days a week it has just been me and little buddy. Those days are hard, I'm not gunna lie. I think they would be hard for anyone. It is so nice to have someone to share the responsibilities with. The days he works I do everything, including the every night shift. LB has been going through good and bad times at night. Sometimes he will have 5 hour stretches and sometimes they will only be 2 hours. Those are hard. I have never been "fun" on lack of sleep, so these last couple of months have been challenging to say the least. Oh my gosh I miss sleep so much! It is all sooooo worth it though!!

I finally figured out the car seat issue. I can get it in and out of the car now. We had to create an adjustment to help, and it works. Today the hubby is working and I am taking him out by myself for this first time. I'm nervous but it needs to be done. I hope it is easy and works out ok.

My emotions have still been crazy. Post-partum hormones are serious. Lack of sleep does not help either. Sometimes I really beat myself up. I have good days and bad. When I'm here by myself and LB gets upset and I can't calm him like hubby does, it really throws me off and I get really upset. Hubby can walk around with him and pat his butt and I can't do that. Yes I have calmed him plenty of times but sometimes I think negatively. Luckily I have a great hubby that reminds me of all the things I have done and can do. I really need to work on my confidence and stop beating myself up.

He has started smiling here and there, and that melts my heart so much!! He is absolutely precious and I am so in love. He is getting so big and has already grown out of some of his clothes which makes me excited but sad too at how fast its going. This week is our anniversary and my birthday is the week after so next weekend we are letting him stay a couple nights at his grandparent's house. I am so nervous and I am going to miss him like crazy!!

Despite my crazy emotions at times I truly am so happy and feel so blessed. I have a wonderful family of 3 now and I could not be more happy. I look forward to so much!

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