Friday, July 29, 2011

34 weeks

Time really is starting to fly! I am getting super excited, nervous, anxious, etc. My baby will be here in 6 weeks give or take! I am pretty miserable these days, but the excitement is helping me through it. I have another ultrasound in 2 weeks, a group B strep test, and a cervix check. Things are getting real! I still do not know how I will be delivering though. I am hoping for a vaginal delivery, but will do whatever I need to do for baby!

That's all to report this time. I have my last baby shower tomorrow and then we will get everything that we still need. I can't believe how big my belly is. I love it, and I love watching baby move all over. 6 more weeks!!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

33 weeks

So here I am 33 weeks pregnant, and 7 weeks to go! The reality is starting to set in. I get to meet him soon!! It is really starting to take a toll on my body. My hips ache really bad. Different parts of my back hurt at different times. It has gotten to where I am finding it hard to get comfortable at night when I go to bed. My maternity clothes are shrinking (ok I'm growing) and my feet won't fit in my shoes. I have resorted to wearing crocs for the remainder of my pregnancy. They aren't cute but they are comfy.

I am still driving to work, luckily. I would prefer to drive as long as possible. My work has really been great. They are keeping me on my old insurance until the baby comes so that I will not need to pay anything extra or deal with that stress. That is a huge relief. I am extremely grateful.

I have a doc's appointment this Thursday. Once I reach 36 weeks I will be going every week. Crazy how soon my due date is getting here. I am getting so excited. We have mostly everything done. We have our last baby shower this Saturday. Next Saturday is the fantasy football draft. After that...we have nothing planned except to get ready for baby!

Monday, July 18, 2011


I usually only write once a week but today I needed to vent. If you don't like whiners you may want to skip this entry.

1. It is really hot. My clothes are sticking to me and it is making it hard to get my pants down, which I need to be able to do so that I can pee...
2. I am peeing constantly, day and night. I think I got up 5 times last night.
3. My feet will hardly fit into my shoes anymore.

This day started great until I got to the office and couldn't cool off. I went to the bathroom and had a hard time getting my pants down, finally did, but then trying to get them back up they just rolled all up and got stuck. Luckily my shirt is long so you can't tell, but it's uncomfortable. Hopefully the next time I need to go I will be cooled off and can fix it. I know this is probably too much info, but something as easy as getting your pants down is more difficult for someone with arthrogryposis. It has become even  more difficult the more pregnant I get.

Ok, so that is all for today. Thanks for reading.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

32 weeks

Our nursery is almost complete!! Just a few more finishing touches and hanging the wall decorations...and we will be done. Our glider came in last week and I love it. I have been sitting in it just staring at the room and imagining what it will be like when our sweet boy is here. I just can't wait to give him kisses!

We had an appointment and an ultrasound this week. Baby and I are doing great and he is healthy and BIG! According to the ultrasound he is 5.2 lbs already! I know that ultrasounds can be a little off, but wow. I love it, and he just looks so cute. The doctor wants me to get another ultrasound again at 36 weeks, to see where we are then, and then determine whether a c-section will be necessary. I hope to have a vaginal birth, but I will do whatever is best for the baby and myself too.

I still can't really complain with how things are going lately. It has been hot and miserable outside but overall I am feeling pretty good. I have had some headaches/migraines the last couple of weeks though. Hopefully those will cut it out. I had a wonderful baby shower at work this last week and got a lot of great stuff. I am just ready to use it all!!

Monday, July 11, 2011

31 weeks

31 weeks and hello 3rd trimester woes. It is amazing how you can go from feeling great to not so great so quickly. Tomorrow I go in for another ultrasound. I am so excited to see him again, and this time he will be so much bigger so we can maybe see some of his features. Oh I can't wait!

So, as far as how I'm feeling, it has been very come and go. My hormones are nuts, the back has started hurting pretty bad again, I've got a lovely pregnancy waddle going on, my face has been breaking out like crazy, the swelling has gotten worse...haha, sounds fun huh? I remember when I first started researching pregnant women with arthrogryposis, I found a small article about how one lady found it hard towards the end to drive. I have been wondering about this and now that may happen for me too. I am only 5'0, and because of the arthrogryposis my arms are very short. I was lucky to never have to have any adjustments to my car. The steering wheel is getting pretty close and it is becoming uncomfortable to drive. My work has approved me to change my schedule to 7-3:30 so that my hubby and I can ride in together when  it starts getting to be too much. I am grateful for that. I am going to try to work as long as I can.

I think the nesting has started a bit because every chance I get I am working on the nursery or house. I have to take frequent breaks because my back starts hurting, but it is fun. I am so ready. The hubby brought home a training baby and I have been practicing changing diapers, swaddling, and putting on clothes and such. Come on September!!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

30 weeks

30 weeks preggers now and sick of the heat! It is so hot and I have been getting miserable. I have to keep reminding myself of the now but cooler when I'm getting used to tugging around all that baby stuff! My feet feel like a ton of bricks from all of the swelling. My back has been okay, but certainly not great. With all of this comes a sometimes not so pleasant Jessica. I have to admit I annoy myself sometimes. I feel sorry for my husband, who ends up getting the worst of my mood swings.

Enough complaining, I only have 10 more weeks! I am so ready to meet my little man, and now even more than ever. We had our baby shower/cookout yesterday and it was awesome. We got a lot of great stuff and have been playing with it all day. It makes everything so much more real, and makes me want it to be September even more.