Sunday, May 29, 2011

25 weeks

Only 15 weeks left...that is crazy to me! I can't believe how time has actually flown by. Things have gotten much better. I have been feeling great. I hope it stays this way for a while. I can handle this.

I guess throughout the pregnancy there will always be something, at least for me. There were a few days this week that the baby wasn't as active as usual, and it brought out my worry wart side. Apparently he was just fine though because the last couple of days he has been doing cartwheels. I love it when he's moving!

The hubby painted the nursery this week. It looks so good and makes me even more excited for September. He put together the furniture, so now the room has a dresser and a changing table. He is still working on the crib, which I think he'll have finished in June. I love it.

Friday, May 20, 2011

24 weeks

Ah, the age of viability. That makes me really happy, but of course I know he needs to be in there much longer! He has been a mover and a shaker, in fact, just last night was the first night that the hubby was able to feel him move. It was a really great moment. I love feeling him move. That is when I am most happy.

So things have been looking up for me. My back hasn't been hurting me as much...that or I am just getting used to it. It still hurts but it is definitely better. I went to see the orthopaedic doctor this week and he wants me to do physical therapy twice a week. My doctor agreed that would be a good idea. Everything is looking great and we are still proceeding as a normal pregnancy. I just can not wait until September!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

22 weeks

So it has been a rough couple of weeks. My back/butt has been killing me and I ended up having to call the doc and go in for a visit. I can sometimes barely walk, or lift my left leg. It is very painful and the task of standing can sometimes seem like a chore. She has set me up an appointment to see an orthopaedic doc, which I don't see for another week and a half. Until then she prescribed tylenol and heat. I don't think they will be able to do much, unfortunately. She hates that I may just have to deal with it for 4 months, and so do I but what can ya do? It gets better when I take it easy, but that is hard because I have a hard time sitting still and I have things I need and want to do. All week I had been feeling better and then after getting out and doing some shopping and going to spend time with family, my back is hurting pretty bad again today.

I knew I may have some tough times. It has been a bit emotional for me too. I have cried a lot about it and been extremely sensitive. My feelings get hurt easily. These hormones are out of control. I have been getting extra sensitive about my body as well, as I see it changing. I wish I had been in better shape when I had gotten pregnant. I have a feeling my back would have an easier time too. I think that all of this extra weight on my petite body has overdone some joints.

Ok, so that is enough whining and complaining. This is an honest blog though and I want it to be real and so it won't always seem like everything is great. It has definitely been hard. Every time he moves though (which is a lot) I get so happy. I have so much to look forward to with my son. I can handle 4 more months. It will all be worth it.