Sunday, April 22, 2012

8 months

LB is 8 months old now. He started doing so many things, literally, overnight. He started pulling up and standing, he perfected crawling, and is sitting up. One day while I was at work my husband texted me a picture of LB standing in his crib. It was amazing!! We lowered the crib immediately!!
That is the picture he sent. He looks so proud of himself here! It cracks me up. It also makes me a little sad. My baby is growing so fast. I had a moment today. I was just watching him move all over the place, and started crying. Every day is just so precious. Time is flying. I want to hold on to each moment and just cherish it.
He got to meet a friend of our's new baby this weekend. She is a month old. These 3 babies are going to be friends for life. My husband and his 2 best friends all had babies within 10 months of each other. How awesome is that? I will leave you with a picture of these sweetest face in the whole wide world!! This is my new favorite picture at the moment!

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